The Five Week Water Challenge

So, Monday I started the 5-week water challenge, which entails drinking a gallon of water a day for five weeks.

I didn’t realize 1.) how dehydrated I actually was and 2.) how much a gallon of water really is. The purpose of this challenge is not to quick fix weight loss, but to give your body the hydration it needs and see results from that. Water makes up 75% of our body. Most adults are extremely dehydrated and don’t know it! I gave up drinking anything but water…and on Day 4, I’ve actually lost 3 pounds! I’m sure it’s all water weight, but hey, pounds are pounds! No change to my diet, no more exercise than normal. And I feel better! By now I would have killer headaches from caffeine withdrawals, but the extra water in my system is keeping my body in amazing shape! I have more energy, and I feel good. One downside is my face is breaking out pretty badly, but it’s just the toxins leaving my body from the excess water! Seriously, Google Five Week Water Challenge or Thirty Day Water Challenge and see what this simple change has done for so many others. It’s pretty awesome so far!IMG_3218-0

Below are a few links to other bloggers who have done this challenge!



2 thoughts on “The Five Week Water Challenge

  1. The New(ish) Wife says:

    It’s A LOT of water, but honestly, I feel so much better drinking that amount every day! I feel refreshed and i normally have migraine’s and I havent had one since! It’s amazing how much better you feel, because I had no idea I was actually dehydrated. I thought I was drinking enough, and clearly I wasnt! I have a 1/2 gallon jug I drink before lunch, and fill it up and drink the rest before I go to bed.

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