Sunday Funday!

This weekend has been a very good, very lazy weekend.

I did my routine Saturday cleaning and my husband went hunting. Sadly, his best dog was seriously injured so they had to come home and get him taken care of. After cleaning all day, my cousin and her boyfriend came over and we grilled and enjoyed this AWESOME weather! It has been so humid every day with a heat index of 110 pretty much every day, so when this “cold front” came through and knocked out the usual 75% humidity, we could walk outside without breaking a sweat and it was lovely while we were grilling. It’s nice having other couples to hang out with, especially since we live so far from my family. We spent today lounging around the house and finishing up housework. Went to my husbands grandparents house for dinner and to celebrate his papaw’s birthday, and now home meal prepping for the week. I didn’t realize how short weekends really were until I started working 7-5 five days a week. But I’m thankful for my job, my hard working husband, my family and friends, and for another day alive! I hope all of you enjoyed your weekend!!




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