Living with B.F.D

B.F.D. affects certain women usually starting around the age of eighteen years old and on up on years until menopause. BFD is curable, but only after a nine month incubation period, with a whole truck-load of side-effects. After the nine month waiting period, the woman’s body is put through a series of rigorous testing, pushed to the limit of pain tolerance and exhaustion. This treatment will cure the BFD, but only for a short time…because this disorder seems to always pop back up.

Yes, I am living with BFD. 

For those who haven’t caught on yet, I’m talking about Baby Fever Disorder.
No, baby fever is not an actual disorder, but I thought that was a pretty funny description. That’s definitely how it feels sometimes, like an incurable disorder. It’s like once you have “Baby on the Brain” you can’t break the curse until you have a bouncing baby on your knee. And even then, it’s only cured for a short time! Because 90% of the time, when your baby is a year or so old, it’s time for another one!


Science HAS proved that this is a real thing, everyone is affected by it at some point (unless you’re one of those “no bebes for me!” type of people). Our “highly intelligent” human side says “now [insert name here], you need to save x-amount of money and own this many houses/vehicles, and be this old before I have a family”. But, your animal-instinct side is screaming “LET’S GO MAKE SOME BABIES!!” because that is what we are biologically inclined to do: go forth and populate! (Hey, the bible says that. I didn’t just make it up!) It is a constant internal battle with yourself, and let’s face it: the animal usually always wins.


Personally, I have wanted a baby since before I was married. My husband and I decided that we’d wait six months after we got married to start trying, but like always, something came up and now at two years married, we’re not pregnant. I’d be lying if I said that when I see most of the girls I went to school with in town with their one or two (some of them three) kids, and they ask the impending question “When are you going to have some babies?!”

If I knew, don’t you think I would tell you?

Yes, Baby Fever makes you insanely jealous of other women and their babies…and slightly psycho irritable and moody. Kind of like a kid watching his friends play with their new toys while he sits inside doing chores. Yeah, THAT kind of moody.
My husband is, unfortunately, not in quite as big of a hurry as I am for a family. He sees it as “I’m only 25. I have plenty of time!” and I see it as “OH MY GOD YOU’RE 25! WE HAVE NO TIME!” We agreed we would have our kids and be done before he turned 30, but that was two years ago..and we have 5 years left to have three two kids we want to have, and that’s not a lot of time. (There’s nothing wrong with having your kids after 30, its just not what we personally want, no offense to you 30-something’s out there!)

I know when our time, it will happen, and I understand that the last two years clearly weren’t the right time for us. But, hopefully soon it will be. It’s not easy watching not only the girls you went to school with but family members several years younger find out their pregnant before you…it’s a jealousy thing yes, but it makes you question your ability to do the ONE thing a woman is truly meant to be able to do, and that’s have a baby. It’s almost like a blow to my self-esteem…but that’s all in my head. Every baby is a blessing, no matter what kind of mess it’s born into. Those women are lucky to have their families, and one day, I’ll be lucky enough to have my own. I just have to be patient…..

Haha…yea…that’s a good one. Patience is NOT my forte.


Below is the link to the NBC story on Baby Fever really exisiting and surprisingly, not only affecting women! Check it out!


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