“Money Cant Buy Me Love

Finances are the DEVIL.
Literally. Whoever deemed it necessary to pay for services should have been shot.
Why can’t we just go back to trading things and goods for other goods? It would make everything so much simpler…
Actually, probably not…because we’re all too lazy to be crafty.

For those who are crafty…thank you for making me realize how UN-crafty I am…

Anyways…back to my original point…

There is a reason why they say that your twenties are the party years. Living paycheck to paycheck is alright in your early twenties….unless you’re married.

Before I got married, I was a college student who worked as a waitress/cocktail server in a local restaurant. I had a few bills, namely a car note, a phone bill, and student loans. Pay check to pay check wasnt that bad, because college kids live on the Dollar Menu and Ramen anyways, am I right? I had gas in my car, food money, and bills were paid…I was doing great! And at 20, that’s acceptable, because even in our early twenties, we’re still considered KIDS.

No matter what people said, no one could prepare me for the rude awakening that waited for me after we said “I do.” Suddenly, i had utility bills, groceries to buy, a house to take care of, and a husband to look after. We were on our own, and had no idea what we were doing. Shortly after getting married, I traded my apron and ticket book for slacks and a cubicle, working 40+ hours a week commuting long hours for my new office job, my first big girl job. I won’t lie, I hated it. I worked under some very egotistical male engineers who looked down on “the baby girl in the office.” After nine months of a high-stress office and all of the stress at home, I knew something had to give.

After two years of being married, we are still trying to get on our feet. We STRUGGLE with maintaining a budget. We both have heavy debit-card-swiping habits. But, that’s part of learning to manage your finances. We watch our friends and old classmates burn through their paychecks without a care in the world: because they can. They live like they are twenty-one….we live like we’re thirty. We pay our bills and buy our groceries and have a good life…an “Adult-ish” life. We use the cash-envelope system, and i micro manage where every dollar is going. Some weeks we barely have enough to get by, but we make do. It’s not glamorous, but it’s what we do. We traded going out for staying in, take-out for home cooked meals, and late nights for early mornings. We had to grow up faster than most of our friends, but that’s ok.

Because we chose to.

We chose to work normal hours and enjoy our two days off. We chose to be on our own and settled down rather than depend on our parents and barely scrape by. We chose to get married, and accept all that comes with it: including the not-so-fun adult requirements. We chose each other over the freedom that usually comes with being in our early twenties. At 20 and 23, we did the unthinkable, and it hasn’t been easy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Do i miss my flexible schedule? Yes, I liked being able to sleep in til 12:00 if i wanted. But, I make triple the pay now. I have my own house with my own rules, and I’m treated like an adult and not just some crazy kid. We still like to have fun, we still like to be silly, but we also have responsibilites.

This isnt a lecture on being twenty, and how being married makes me an adult. But, some people just aren’t cut out to be “adulting” at this age. So, if you’re out during the week, drink one for me because I’m probably at home cooking dinner and bathing my dogs..or folding clothes while watching Mountain Men or Dance Moms. To each his/her own! Hope yall are having a great Monday so far!



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