Birthday Boy & The Big Easy..♥

My husband is turning twenty-five next Monday, and lately, anything he sees related to football, or old classmates, or friends with kids who are starting kindergarten make him feel ancient. So, like the good wife I am, I’ve been cracking jokes about how he’s officially old!Now, I’m not being mean, but I do make little quips about how he was only about to be a quarter of a century old, and he was halfway to 50, but that I loved his old self anyway! Then yesterday, his mom pointed out his receding hairline and you’d think we’d killed his puppy. Bless his heart, his dad gave him that Male Pattern Baldness, and he’s been really losing his hair the past few months. He, of course blames his hair loss on me stressing him out, jokingly of course, and his mom said “If you think you’re stressed now, when ya’ll have a baby, you’ll just be like Mr. Clean!”

You would have thought we killed his puppy with that statement!

We’ve been planning to go visit his parents in Louisiana, and since his Birthday is Monday, what better way to celebrate a birthday than down in the party central of the south?

His parents are currently living in Metairie, working a construction job (his dad is a foreman)down there for the time being. So, we are going to spend the weekend with them, shopping for the birthday boy and spending some family time together. Most couples our age wouldn’t want to go to NOLA with their inlaws, but Tyler is an only child. He is their pride and joy, and they love spending time with their son. I love spending time with them, so it works out! We aren’t really a party-ing couple, so we’re going to Bourbon Street one night, simply because I’ve never set foot in the French Quarter, and everyone needs to experience it once in their life, right?

So, we’re packing our bags this week and Friday after work we are driving down, and staying through Monday. We are going to the Zoo and the Aquarium (because we’re both big kids and LOVE that kind of stuff), we’re going on tours of the French Quarter, and Bourbon street that night, and then Monday taking the Birthday Boy out to Lunch before driving home. It’s going to be a very busy, very much needed weekend, and I think I’m more excited than he is!

On a side note, I’m excited and ready for a long weekend, but in the back of my mind, I’m thinking “Can I leave my dog’s for a weekend?”

My pug will be fine, she’s good staying in the bathroom with puppy pads and her food and water…but Jezebel is a completely different story.

Jezebel, my 5 month old pit bull puppy, stays either in her crate or in the bathroom during the day. But, I can’t see leaving her in there for 4 days! My husband said we could put her outside but, anyone knows a dog accustomed to being inside can not be thrown outside into the Mississippi heat for a long period of time, she’d have a heat stroke! So, between now and Friday I have to figure out what I’m going to do. Hopefully, I can get her destructive butt to not tear up everything in the bathroom and she stay in there with Stella (the pug)….

Yeah. that’s not going to happen.

Oh, the woes of a mama and her fur-babies…can’t even enjoy a weekend away without worrying about them!



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