So, apparently I am allergic to Maybelline Define-A-Line Eyeliner.Yesterday my eyes turned bright red and swelled up and had this really disgusting discharge stuff coming from them…on the first day I used the eyeliner…Yeah…It was painful…

Yes…those are MY eyes in my featured image…

I took several benadryl tablets and kept medicated eye drops in my eyes but I still can not wear any makeup for a few days til the irritation goes away, and we have that trip this weekend….Lovely.

At least the redness brings out the bright green in my eyes…I guess that can be considered a plus here, right?

Be careful what you put on your face, kiddos, because you never know when you may be allergic to something in it and end up looking like you’re suffering from a severe hang-over or have been bawling your eyes out to the point where EVERYONE in the office asks “Are you ok?! Why have you been crying!?”

I’m not crying people…my eyes are too sore to produce tears right now….



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