NOLA bound!

Isn’t his birthday cake/cupcake thing cute? Surprised him at work with it!

Yes, I’m a good little wife. 

Sitting in the passenger seat, feet propped up on the dash with hubby driving and jamming out to Carry On My Wayward Son…headed down south for the first time since I was nine years old! I’m not gonna lie, I’m excited! I’ve never been to the French Quarter, and it’s been forever since I’ve been to the zoo down there, and we’re gonna go visit EVERYTHING! I’m glad we’re getting out of the house and going to celebrate hubby’s birthday because, let’s face it, turning 25 is a big deal, even for guys. 

I can’t tell yall how proud I am of my husband. He’s managed to put up with my nonsense for the past (gasp) four years? Almost? And managed to make it to 25 without killing me…or sending me back to my parents as he so often says he is going to do, jokingly of course.

 I’ll save my really sappy post for his actual birthday, but babe…I love you and I hope you have an amazing weekend!  



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