Homeward Bound

After a long weekend of Zoos, Aquariums, Bourbon Street, and way more creole food than I can ever eat…we’re headed home. My first experience in The French Quarter was just that:an experience. It was beautiful and loud and there were so many different things to do, to eat, to see…I loved it. But, I did learn a few things. So, here’s Allie’s list of New Orleans Know-How:

1. Wear Comfy Shoes. I promise, you’ll thank me for this tidbit.

2. Do not acknowledge the men complimenting said shoes. It’s a trick. And a good one at that.

3. Do not pet people’s dogs. Ever. It’ll cost you!

4. Get a cab. It’s so much easier than driving yourself!

5. Go to the zoo when it first opens and ride the Hop-n-Go bus to the aquarium if you’re doing both. It was $40 for a ride there and back and you didn’t have to worry about parking!

6. Go to the French Market. It’s where locals go and its 1,000x better than Bourbon Street!

7. Take all the pictures you want. Even if your spouse laughs at you for it!

8. Purchase a selfie-stick. I did not use mine for selfies, but to take group pictures!

Β Β 
I’m so glad we got to spend the weekend together with my inlaws and Tyler had a good birthday. Next time we go to NOLA, I want do a historical tour or the haunted tours. Who doesn’t want to walk around known haunted places at night, in the dark, with a group of strangers?

Speaking of haunted places, check out this photo of an abandoned factory where all kind of movies are filmed:

Needless to say, it was an amazing trip and I have a million pictures Id love to share, so I’ll put them all on the Facebook group page, so yall can see them if you’d like!

We had a great time but I’m ready to be home and get to see my girls! I missed my fur babies and I know they’re ready for mama to be home! Happy Monday Lovelies!

Link to all of our photos here:

NOLA weekend photos


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