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Ever had a Night Terror Before? I have.


They were the kind that you could wake up from, finally go back to sleep, and it started all over again or picked up right where it left off.
I learned how to wake myself from dreams I didn’t want to watch (?) anymore. I could stop mid-dream and say “Allie, this isn’t real. WAKE UP!” and usually I would jolt awake and be able to calm down enought to go back to sleep. I eventually developed insomnia due to being terrified of going to sleep and dreaming those horrible things…

They started when I was seven, the year my baby brother was born. My sister is two years younger than me, so I don’t remember her being a baby. But my brother was MY baby. I was a very protective older sister, and with that came my night terrors. Horrible things like volcanoes swallowing him and my mom as I was pulled away by some stranger, or (and this is the worst one and I have NO idea what brought it on) I was with my friends at a church function, and one minute everyone was fine and the next it was pitch black and there were cobwebs all over everything and I ran into the sanctuary to find my mom and EVERYONE WAS DEAD. like corpses sitting in the pews. It was horrible.

They were usually brought on by a movie I watched, like the volcano dream was because I watched the move Volcano. Twister made me have a dream about bad weather sucking my house off the ground and somehow it dropped me and not the rest of my family. But as I got older, they got more graphic and terrifying.

I dreamed someone came in our house and my mom told me and my sister to hide in the laundry room. We pulled a pile of clothes on top of us to hide but my sister kept crying and they found us. They shot me multiple times, but stuck in that position I was still watching as he killed my family. (The whole time i was screaming to myself WAKE UP! ITS NOT REAL! but I couldnt wake up from this one…

What kid dreams this kind of stuff? Me, that’s who!

As a teenager, my dreams were less graphic and scary and more like deja vu. I would dream about a situation and a few days later it would happen. Not big things, but things that I would have to stop and say “Whoa, I’ve done this/been here/said this/heard this before.” I dreamed about my husband when I was fourteen, meeting him for lunch or something and talking to him like I knew him and when I woke up I was freaked out because I had never met him in my life. I dreamed about our wedding at seventeen, my dress, the chapel, the black and white attire..and my blonde haired blue eyed husband standing there waiting for me…

I didn’t meet my husband until I was nineteen. He lived an hour away, was three years older than me, and we had NO mutual friends until then.. How could that happen?

I had dreams about my children as well. I dreamed of a little girl with curly brown hair and blue eyes meeting me at the door as I came in from work. I asked her where Daddy was and she replied “He’s feeding dogs, Mama!”

My husband currently has twelve dogs outside and he feeds them every day when we get off from work.

I had this dream when I was sixteen.

I’m not claiming to be psychic or anything, but I do believe that dreams are a medium through which God communicates with us. When I was dreaming about my wedding, I was young and going through those horrible teenage years, thinking “No one will ever love me”. Yet, I dreamed about a wedding. I believe that was His way of telling me everything was going to be alright. I’ve always dreamed of being a mother, and so far I’ve dreamed of a little girl several times over the past few years and a little boy recently. I think these dreams are glimpses into my future, the future I have with my children and my husband.

I say all this because lately the dreams have kicked back up into full swing.. I’m losing sleep due to waking myself up from them. I take Zzzquil every night to help sleep, but some nights it doesn’t work…and usually when they get this bad, something is about to happen.

Anyone else have strange quirks like this? I know I must sound crazy, but there’s nothing I can do! Lol



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    I have night terrors often and try to explain the difference to people between them and a nightmare. Most people don’t get it. I don’t think you can define the “fear” we feel while in them huh? It is hard to explain if someone hasn’t had one! I wish I could wake myself like you do… instead I simply stopped dreaming. With help. -OM
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