“For the Ready to Run Wife”

I read this story on Nitty Gritty Love and I LOVED it. Even though I’ve only been married two years, they haven’t been the easiest, or the best honestly. At one point, she has a quote that really spoke to me:

 “even the most unhappy marriages will become happy within five years.” 

That may seem like forever, but in the long run of eternity with your spouse, it’s a drop in the bucket. Our first year, what should have been our “cupcake phase”, we were constantly fighting, and honestly we threw around divorce ALOT. I was miserable. I wanted out. I wanted to be gone.

But, I stayed. I turned my marriage over to God, and decided to work with my husband to fix our crumbling marriage. We’ll be married two years in November, and no, it didn’t take five years, but we’re still a work in progress! 

Check out Nitty Gritty Love’s post here!



6 thoughts on ““For the Ready to Run Wife”

  1. trismoore says:

    So, this post is so much like me and my husband it’s really not even funny. We just celebrated our two year anniversary this past August.
    It can be so hard and throwing around divorce at first hurt and now it’s just another word that doesn’t mean much of anything to either of us, because neither of us will ever actually get a divorce.


    • The New(ish) Wife says:

      Exactly. If you go back and read my very first post, it’s about the last time I packed my vehicle and was going to leave…but I didn’t. When we get mad the first thing we say is “well leave!” When we know neither actually will. Marriage is not easy. It’s really hard work!

      And congrats on your 2 year anniversary!! πŸ™‚ we’ll make two years in November.

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      • trismoore says:

        I’m going to go back and read it now.
        That’s exactly what we do!
        We get mad and it turns into, “well if you don’t want to be here, just leave!”
        No, marriage isn’t easy, and it’s a lot of work!
        Although, it’s nice to see that we’re not alone.
        Thanks, congrats on your upcoming anniversary!


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