The Most Monday-ish Tuesday EVER.

Trying to get back in the swing of things today after a long weekend at home, and it definitely was not easy. Waking up at 5:15AM to get a shower and get everyone up and going was definitely a struggle today. Once I got to work, it was just one thing after the other, issues with jobs already installed and people calling left and right to figure out what they were supposed to be doing…it was a rough day to start with.

Then, at lunch, I was merging onto the interstate to come back to work, I apparently ran over something and managed to tear a big hole in my tire, which deflated by the time I got back to work. So, after we got off, my husband had to come change the tire in the parking lot. Laying on the asphalt he managed to not only be burned, but eaten alive by the fire ants roaming the parking lot.

Once he finally got it all changed out, then we had to drive about 30 minutes the opposite way of home to go get something from a friend of his, something to do with his hog dogs, then drive BACK to town and pay a few bills, get a bite to eat (because I was NOT cooking at 8:00pm) and finally headed home.

We stopped at Tyler’s grandparents to try and patch my tire, only to figure out that whatever had punctured my tire had actually put two holes in it, and that I wouldh ave to wait and get a new tire later this week because we couldnt fix it.

Then, when we finally get home, we see our neighbor’s little shitzhu following my blue heeler around like…well..a puppy…at which pount my husband tells me that my Aiyda is in heat, and he’s probably bred her. Great. So now I have to worry about puppies! Shitzhu and Blue heeler…not an appealing combo!

Ok…i thought…I can just get inside and relax and it will all be ok.


I walked inside to be met by this horrible smell. My pitbull had apparently eaten something that gave her diarrhea she had messed all in her kennel. I know it wasnt her fault, but then I had to take it outside, scrub and bleach it out, get her inside and bathe her in vinegar and dish soap (which is a WHOLE other can of worms..imagine a 50 pound pitbull who is terrified of running water so she feels the need to climb in my lap, which means…yep. Im in the tub with her most of the time trying to hold her. Just get that mental image in your head real quick…)

So now, she’s bathed, I’m bathed, her kennel is clean, everyone’s settling down, and I’m finishing the longest post i’ve had in a while! Needless to say, it’s been a very busy day, but it’s just another day in the life of The Newish Wife. Hope yall had a better Tuesday than I did!



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