Somewhere sunny and 75!

This weather has me so ready for
🍁🍁🍁🍁       🏈            🎃           👻

🍁                  🏈 🏈         🎃            👻

🍁🍁🍁       🏈     🏈       🎃            👻

🍁            🏈   🏈   🏈     🎃            👻

🍁           🏈            🏈    🎃 🎃 🎃   👻  👻  👻

(Copied that from facebook, no i didn’t spend that much time making it…even though it’s pretty cute!)

Today, I have not turned my central air on ONCE, and that’s saying something for south Mississippi. I put up all of my windows and put fans in front of them to circulate the cool air coming in while I cleaned my house…kind of a “spring cleaning in September” type deal.

For those who don’t live in Mississippi and are already experiencing cooler weather, congrats, you have a normal season. Our seasons are literally as follows:

HOT (100*-112*) with 100% humidiy

Fall = 80* weather with cooler nights

Winter = wet and 50* during the day

Spring= what spring? We go from winter to summer in a few days time!

So needless to say, this change has been a welcome one, even though it will be short lived.

Now, for the point of this post (if it has one, it might just be me rambling):

The best cleaning solutions in the world!

I saw a video a while back on facebook that said mixing dawn dish soap and white vinegar will create a magic concoction that cleans EVERYTHING.

It’s true guys. It’s all true!

You mix a cup of Dawn Dish soap (I use blue, i just think it works best) with a cup of white vinegar that’s been heated (just put in the microwave for about a minute.)

Mix the combination in a spray bottle and shake well. It will create this clean-all foam that you simply spray and leave for  about 10 minutes and wipe away whatever you’re trying to clean! I spray my bathtubs and showers down with this at least once a week or more to deep clean and remove any trace of discoloration and mildew in the tubs. I also spray this on my glass top stove and my counters! It really does work wonders!

And for my pet owner readers, this is also a great deodorizer. I know, our fur babies are little angels, but sometimes…they stink. If you can wash their bedding in white vinegar along with your detergent, do it. The odors will be gone in no time!

Now that I’ve given my spill on cleaning, I need to go finish washing clothes and cleaning up before bed. Good Night everyone! Tomorrow is the start of another week!

My feature image has nothing to do with this post, but that is my pitbull Jezebel with my husband’s friend and her “Uncle” Jacob. lolit was just a really cute picture!



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