September Blog Challenge!

Since I am already on day 17, I’ll sum up all of the previous days in list form:

1. My goal is to make it through the rest of this challenge!

2. I made one year at my current job. That’s a big deal for me!
3. My favorite fashion trend: leggings and oversized tops. Comfy yet classy!

4. I’m thankful for my current situation. My job, my home, my husband…all of it. We had a really rough first two years, and I can finally see us starting to get ourselves out of the hole!

5. a) I got my pit bull puppy Jezebel! b) we went to NOLA for the first time together. c) I paid off a loan by myself J d) my hair was back to it’s natural color for the first time in YEARS. e) our marriage has been better than it ever has been before.

6. –Cold Weather -Hoodies -Bonfires –Hunting Season! –leggings and boots -the Holiday Season starts!

7. My self worth, my body image, my self confidence, my self control, my temper, my house-wife-ness?, and my budgeting skills.

8. My hair, my eyes, my curves, my dependability, my work ethic, my height (I’m 5’11), my love for animals, and my determination.

9. Umm…maroon leggings, black piko, black sandles, top bun hair-do, and pink lipstick!

10. A day in my life? Short version: get up, go to work, come home, cook supper, do chores, play with my dogs, and go to bed.

11. …but if I tell you it won’t come true!

12. “Happy girls are the prettiest!”

13. Watching OITNB on netfix…

14. My favorite thing is how I’ve been able to connect with so many different people! People from all walks of life, all blogging for one reason: to tell their own stories.

15. Party Down South, Grey’s Anatomy, American Horror Story, Once Upon a Time, pretty much anything on Netflix…I obviously like a random mix of everything!

16. Makeup-less Monday…Beauty doesn’t mean clothes or makeup. Beauty isn’t money or fame…or big butts or boobs or whatever. It’s on the inside. I’ve seen some asthetically beatiful women be mean and cruel, and to me they are hideous. I’ve always been told not to judge a book by its cover, and to me beauty is just that: What’s on the inside. Because no matter how beautiful the cover art is, if the chapters are dull, no one wants to read the rest.

I’ll do 17 in a separate post 😁



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