Day 17: Another Day in The Life

A day in the life of Allie…There’s not much to tell! Since we commute so far to work, we leave home early and don’t get home til late. When I get home, it’s time for cooking supper, playing with my baby girls, and doing some chores.  But today, I’m not feeling great so I’m curled up in the recliner and watching Fear Factor! 

Fear Factor, I used to watch all the time when it was new. I just watched some people take rats in their mouths and hrow them in buckets….gross.

Obviously, my life revolves around work. I wish I lived closer to work so it wasnt almost an hour both ways, but…what can you do. 

Where we live, high paying jobs arent exactly available for the men, let alone the women. So, I went where the work was. I didnt want to be a sit at home wife, but honestly…I’ve been re-thinking that. lol


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