43,000 Visitors!

Ok, so yesterday the AUTHOR of Unveiled Wife, Jennifer Smith, reblogged the post I made about doing the Wife after God devotional, and The Newish Wife facebook page reached over 43,000 people! I have had a few new ladies join the group on facebook, and 85 likes on the page! Yall, this is amazing! The past few weeks I have felt completely un-inspired and have had no idea what to write about, but the fact that so many people have searched for the Newish Wife, and have read my posts, have really and truly inspired me to continue writing and get back into the swing of things on my blog! I love each and every one of you, and I promise I will be posting much more frequently from now on! 

I plan on starting the devotional Monday, because this week has finally started slowing down. The weather has been PHENOMENAL the past two days. The weather never breached 70*  and today everyone was wearing their winter clothes! It was awesome. Also, Tuesday night we bought a brand new car!!!

We were screwed over when we bought our SUV, and were over charged almost 8,000$ on the purchase. We went to check on trading it in and found out the 23,000$ vehicle we were paying for was barely worth 13,000$. We had given up hope and Tuesday, we went to our last option dealership, and our amazing salesman found us a brand new 2015 Camry that we could afford and helped us get out from under the SUV. I am abosultely in love with my car. lol  

Clearly it’s been a very eventful week! Hopefully you lovely people are enjoying your saturday night. I will be posting again very very soon!



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