Two years…♥

It’s been two years since we got married, and if there’s one thing I can say about it so far, it’s been one heck of a ride. We’ve been through so much in our short time married, that it honestly seems like we’ve been together for a decade. I really don’t know what I would do without my husband. We may fight like an old married couple, but at the end of the day, there’s no one I’d rather bicker with than him. He truly is the biggest blessing I have ever received, and I can’t express enough just how thankful I am for him. Two years down, and eternity to go baby!

Ok, enough sappy stuff for now…

This year is gone, you guys. I realized this morning, we are 3 weeks away from Thanksgiving. We are 7 weeks away from Christmas. In January, I’ll be twenty-three years old. In April, hubby and I will have been a couple for four (gasp!) years. Yes, I do celebrate my dogs’ birthdays and Stella will be 4 this year, and Jezebel will be 1 year old! (Yep, go ahead and name me the crazy dog lady. I don’t care.) Time seriously feels like its speeding up, and I don’t want it to. This year has flown by so fast, it seems unreal. It’s already November, and just yesterday it felt like August! It’s officially the Holiday season, and I have so much to be thankful for.

Since November is the month for reflecting back on what you are most thankful for, I’m going to attempt to do a 30-days-of-thanks post, each day posting about what I’m most thankful for. I know, I know, I keep saying I’m going to do certain posts, but this weekend really made me realize I’m holding on to way too much negativity in my life. I need to focus on the here-and-now, and not worry about the future just yet, or the past for that matter.

Day 1: Thank for…. post coming later this evening. Stop by and check it out!



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