Four Years Later…♥

Last Thursday, me and “hubster” had been a couple for four years. It seems like so much longer than four years, because so much has happened to us in that time.We met in March 2012…well..he messaged me on Facebook. I have that conversation saved in my phone because of how silly it was. We chit-chatted about school, then he asked me if he could text me…I thought “what the heck, he literally can not be any worse than the last guy that asked for my number…” and after a month of texting and talking, I finally agreed to go on a date with him.

What surprised me the most was after a year of being married, we discussed how we’d first met, and he told me that because I was so reluctant to go out with him, he was losing interest pretty quickly. I had no idea, but I do know why he felt like I wasn’t interested: because I really wasn’t. I didn’t know him, and I’d recently been really hurt by someone and didn’t know if I wanted to chance that again. But, for some reason, I felt like I needed to focus more on him, something was drawing me to him, and I asked him if he’d like to meet me for a movie…with my whole family in tow. I figured if I wanted to truly see how he would react, he needed the full force of the Corley Clan….

Why did I do this? Was I trying to scare him off? No, far from it. The two guys I “talked” to before him were intimidated by the fact that they had to meet my family before I was allowed to go anywhere with them alone. I was eighteen and didn’t date: I courted. Guys had to hang out with my family a few times before my mom was comfortable with us going anywhere alone, even at 18 and 21 years old. So, I figured if Tyler was as interested as he claimed to be, he wouldn’t balk at the idea of sharing our first outing with my family…

….and he didn’t.

He was actually late getting there because he was hunting (should have been a red flag there for what to expect the rest of our life! lol). I had already bought his movie ticket so he wouldn’t have to wait in line and I told him I had left it at the door for him. I was sitting by my mom, nervous as a 13 year old on her first date, and in walked this 6 ft 4″ blonde haired blue eyed man in blue jeans, a button up, and boots. I nudged mom and said “that’s him!” and she said “wow…good job!” It turned out to be a really great night, and afterwards I asked him if my family had scared him off. He said no, that he liked that he had to meet my family beforehand, and that nothing could scare him off. My mom told me later that night that when he walked in, she just knew that was her future son in law.

Four years later, we’re married and we still laugh about how we started out. Neither of us thought it was really going to go anywhere, but for some reason, we were both drawn to each other. I believe it was definitely Fate that brought us together. We had a few mutual friends, but would never have normally come in contact if it wasn’t for a Facebook post we both commented on. I still think it’s funny how four years ago, I had no idea I was talking to my future husband. I didn’t really care who he was at one point, but now I know he’s everything I would ever need. How did you and your S.O. meet?

**I apologize for the lack of posting lately, it’s been an insane few weeks at work and at home.**



6 thoughts on “Four Years Later…♥

    • Allie McCarty♥ says:

      Lol I was in band too! Me and my husband went to rival high schools, and he was one of their star football players. We actually ran into each other years before we met at a football game, I was standing on the sidelines on his side of the field, and he was chit-chatting with some of the other people standing around us. I was too shy to talk to him (he’s 3 years older than me, and at that point I was probably 14-15 and he was a senior). I recognized him after we got married when I was watching some of his old football tapes. It happened to show the beginning of half-time with us standing on the sidelines talking. I couldn’t believe it was him that long ago!

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  1. trulyunplugged says:

    Such a wonderful love story….one never knows what is around the corner…so happy for you both….thanks for sharing your heart warming story….as for not posting for a bit, I get it…I’m late for my weekly/Sunday posting (half way done), but life can be like a toddler yanking on one’s hand and trying to go in any number of directions at once 🙂


    • Allie McCarty♥ says:

      Thank you so much! Lol yes, it’s been hectic the last few weeks, and I’m trying to balance everything I do on a daily basis and keep up somewhat of a social life…but it’s looking more and more like my weekends are going to be spent binge watching netflix and recovering from the hectic week.


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