Dragon Loyalty Award

So….this is pretty awesome! I was nominated by Kate over at Face First for the Dragon Loyalty Award! I’ve never seen this one in the Blogosphere before, but hey…I’ll take it! 🙂 So…without further ado…

The Rules:

  1. Display the Award on your blog.
  2. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
  3. Nominate six deserving bloggers.
  4. Write seven interesting facts about yourself.


The Nominees:

GUM – Growing Up Millenial  – She keeps it REALLY real on what being a Millenial is all about, and I LOVE it!

Ricky Plus Lindsey  – I’ve been following Lindsey’s blog for a while, and she’s so candid in her posts, and now has two beautiful bundles of joy!  I just love her blog, and how real she keeps it.

Three’s A Herd  –  She kind of reminds me of my mom, raising three children and being completely transparent on how it’s a blessing and sometimes a struggle. Love it!

Just a bunch of Nuggets  – Her blog is really refreshing and I love her views on being a mother and how she ADORES her children.

The Love Bungalow – Love seeing her recipes on here. I have honestly stolen a few, and they’re great! She’s another younger blogger to definitely follow!

My Perfect Breakdown – Another “Keepin it Real” Blogger, and I really enjoy reading her posts. She too has added a little bundle of joy to her family, and keeps the whole new mommy thing completely honest in her posts!

A Opinionated Man – The only guy I managed to share on here, but his posts are just that: opinionated. Love it!


7 “Interesting” Facts About Me:

  • I was in band from 6th grade until I graduated college, and in that time I learned to play 4 instruments: Alto Saxophone (my main squeeze), baritone saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, and clarinet.
  • When I was 16, I tripped and fell down two stairs, and managed to internally sever my foot from the rest of my body. I had several surgeries to repair the torn ligaments, tendons, and what nerves were left. Spent a year on crutches and couldn’t legally drive until I was 18 years old.
  • I’m from South Mississippi, and by south, I mean an hour from the Gulf Coast.
  • I got married while still in College, and no I wasn’t pregnant. Going on three years of just us and our two furbabies!
  • My career choice wasn’t typical for where I grew up: you’re either a SAHM or some type of nurse/hospital clerk if your a twenty-something year old female. I went to college for Architectural Drafting, and my current career choice is a Customer Account Rep for a walk-in manufacturer where I design the walk-ins with the customers. Neat huh?
  • Me and my husband hog hunt on the weekends. He’s the co-owner of Fat Boyz Hog Huntin, located in Waynesboro, MS. Curious? Click the link and watch the latest video I made of the hunt! (it’s only 4 minutes so don’t worry!)
  • I don’t watch tv shows while they are airing. I refuse to watch them. I wait until they are released on Netflix and binge watch the entire season in a day so then I have to wait another year for the next release…I have a problem, I know.

Sorry it’s taken so long to do this post guys, I swear I look up and it’s been four weeks since my last post! I promise, I’m trying to get better at this! Lol






2 thoughts on “Dragon Loyalty Award

    • Allie McCarty♥ says:

      That’s so cool! I didn’t realize you were practically my neighbor! 🙂 I’m about an hour from Jackson, and 30 minutes from Hattiesburg…so somewhere in the middle there. lol and you’re very welcome!


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