First Official Bump-Date!

Well, I hit 13 weeks on Monday, and I’m finally starting to feel better!

At about 9 weeks I started having severe Morning Sickness, which in my opinion should just be called Pregnancy Sickness since it hit me at all hours of the day. It would leave me unable to much of anything besides curl up in a ball in my bed as soon as I got home from work, and everything else was pushed off to the wayside…including my husband. The past week or so, it has slacked off tremendously, and the past two days (fingers crossed it continues!) I haven’t been sick at all, except for a little nausea due to lack of food in the evening between work and getting home. But anyways…here’s a little update on how baby M is doing!

How far along? 13 weeks

Total weight gain: None. I’ve lost 15 pounds since I found out I was pregnant…thanks to morning sickness!

Maternity clothes? Pants for sure. tight waistbands started being a big no-no a few weeks ago.

Stretch marks? None yet

Sleep: For the past month I haven’t been able to sleep at all due to hip and lower back pain. One of my mommy friends gave me her Snoogle, and Wednesday night I finally slept through the night without tossing and turning. It was wonderful!

Best moment this week: Not throwing up Tuesday morning! lol

Miss Anything? Being able to eat anything I want. My tastes have changed DRASTICALLY since becoming pregnant…some of my favorite foods are no longer allowed within 20 feet of me.

Movement: None yet…anxiously waiting on it though!

Food cravings: Sour stuff, cheese burgers, and WATER

Anything making you queasy or sick: anything that would go in a salad is a NO go. First thing that made me sick was smelling cucumbers…I havent been back in subway since.

Gender: No idea yet…should find out in a few weeks!

Labor Signs: None

Symptoms: Nausea, fatigue, my “belly” is starting to firm up at the bottom where baby is hanging out…hair is falling out like crazy, and ACNE. (Which is why everyone swears it’s a girl, she’s “Stealing my beauty” or whatever that saying is.)

Belly Button in or out? IN

Wedding rings on or off? Still on. I actually had them sized before I was pregnant up two sizes to accomodate my fingers swelling…they needed to go up a size, but i went up an extra one. just in case.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy most of the time. I have my rare pregger outbursts lol

Looking forward to: not being nauseated 24/7 and finally getting to feel baby move in there! And finding out what he/she is, so I can quit calling him/her IT. lol


I took this picture after my hubby said “you look more pregnant today…” I didn’t believe him til I took this picture…I definitely do look “more pregnant” lol I’ll take it though! (Ignore my messy house…)




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