24 Weeks to Go!

I know, I’ve been nonexistent again….Sorry guys.

It’s just been crazy hectic out here, and by the end of the day when I feel like I have a few minutes to spare, it’s like 10:00 and pregnancy brain is shutting down for the day. I don’t remember the last time I wasn’t passed completely out by 9:30, so if I make it to 10:00, I’m doing good!

We are well into the SECOND TRIMESTER, and Baby Mac is doing very well, right on schedule. Currently the size of an avacado and weighing in at a whopping couple of ounces. Lol Oh, and we (hopefully, if baby cooperates) get to find out the gender NEXT WEEK! I’ll be 17 weeks, and my doctor said we should be able to tell by then, but if not I have my big half-way-there scan three weeks later. It doesn’t seem like I should be almost halfway there already, but time has been FLYING. Oh, and I’ve been medicated for my HORRIBLE morning sickness, and since I started taking it, I haven’t been sick at all! Thank ya JEEZ-US!

We have a week and a half left in September, and I can’t believe that either. 2016 is almost gone already! I swear, it seems like we were just getting into the summer months. Not gonna lie, I’m starting to have some serious anxiety about everything we need to do before baby makes his/her grand arrival. I did get the nursery cleaned out except for some of hubby’s hunting gear and a really heavy gun cabinet, but I need to get in there and shampoo the carpets and paint. Debating on whether or not I’m going to paint the room since it’s already a light tan, but I wanted gray and white colors in the nursery….I may have to just rethink the color scheme a little to incorporate the tan and call it a day, especially with this whole project being a mostly preggers job. I gotta get it done before I get too big to lift on things!

Some days, it still doesn’t feel like I’m pregnant. I mean, I know I am, but it’s easy to forget early on when there’s no visible baby bump and no movements you can feel. I can tell different changes are happening, and I know baby is just fine in there, but it’s still weird to think about it…Hopefully soon I’ll get those nice little karate-kicks-to-the-kidney reminders that he/she is doing great floating around in there. Until then, I’ll just use the constant potty breaks and relentless exhaustion to remind me! Until the next update…..



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