Nesting & The Lazy Wife

I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m lazy. I do chores in random spurts, and usually put off the majority of my cleaning til the weekends. I’ve noticed since I’ve been pregnant that it’s harder for me to get motivated to do much of anything when I get off work, so there’s even more that I have to do on Saturday while hubby is gone…and this is becoming an issue.

I’ve tried cleaning schedules. I’ve tried straightening up while cooking. I’ve tried pretty much anything I can think of, but I’m just exhausted after being away from the house for 12+ hours a day and don’t want to do much other than eat supper and curl up on the couch…well…at this point it’s recline in the chair to relieve this hip/pelvic pain I’ve been having (Thank you, oh daughter of mine who won’t move away from my pelvis for longer than 30 minutes.)

Coupled with the exhaustion is this overwhelming urge to clean everything and start on the nursery (gasp, I know I haven’t started on it yet!) and at the same time my body is like “Eh…it can wait.” How do you fight the lazy?? Before I was pregnant, I could come home, cook supper, do the laundry, clean the kitchen and be in bed by around 10:00 and be fine. Now, I’m lucky to cook supper and crawl into bed by 8:30-9:00 when I’m about to fall out from the need to sleep. And lets not even talk about the never-ending mountain of laundry that now is my loveseat in my living room. I thought the second trimester was supposed to help ease the pregger need to sleep 24/7?

I do pick up the house, it’s just hard when you’re the only one who maintains everything, and spends a whole day getting it cleaned up. And, I have to figure something out because there’s going to be a new little one to attend to, and everything is going to fall on the wayside even more once she’s here! I’m starting to feel like I’m drowning in my own house, and I have no idea where to even start to get it all back on track. The 3 months I was down with ALL DAY SICKNESS really took a toll on my housekeeping routine…

How do you mamas manage a household, work full time AND raise your kids? I’m not going to lie…..I’m starting to panic. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!



14 thoughts on “Nesting & The Lazy Wife

  1. thestepmomma says:

    I clean as SOON as I get home. I know that if I sit down and try to ‘relax’ or unwind, I’m down for the count. I put a load of laundry in, try to at least pile the dishes into one side of the sink (depending on the status of the dishwasher), if it’s trash night, I pile the trash up and sit it on the porch for hubby to take outside (this is his one household chore!). I sweep my floors 3x/week because we have some fuzzy dogs, but it only takes a few minutes.
    Can’t say that I can relate on the pregnancy sleepiness, but I have been battling a pretty severe cold (I’m on an antibiotic, had a breathing treatment, and have to take 2 other OTC meds to treat it- colds sound whimpy but this one is a beast!) and have had no energy to do much more than sit at my desk at work during the day. Challenge yourself to do one chore/day and make it a habit to clean as you go, that’s my suggestion! good luck!

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    • Allie McCarty says:

      Thank you for the suggestions! When I come in every evening, it’s around 6:30 so I start supper and get it going and try to straighten up the kitchen and start laundry. I can wash/dry it no problem…its putting it away that I have the issue with lol My hubby’s one job is trash too, but more often than not, I do it! Then after supper I try and get all the dishes put away and the dishwasher loaded and started. We have a pug inside who sheds, so I sweep/swiffer dust 2-3x a week and deep clean on Saturdays, it’s just really been a struggle to get motivated to do it lately! lol

      There’s been a SERIOUS cold/virus going around where I live too, I’ve never seen a cold this vicious, and it’s knocking people out at work left and right! One girl has been on 3-4 antibiotics for MONTHS at this point, bless her heart. Hopefully you’ll get better soon! I hate feeling crummy!

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