14 Weeks to Go!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday! I ate way too much, didn’t take near enough naps to offset the turkey comas, but thoroughly enjoyed my downtime with family.Β 

In three days, it’ll be December. It doesn’t seem like it should already be the end of 2016, but it really will be finished up in 33 days. Then 2017 will roll in and it’ll be balls to the wall for the next several months! You see, not only am I pregnant, I’m a bridesmaid in my cousins wedding. What was originally going to be an April wedding (I was banking on a girdle being used to suck in postpartum belly) has been rescheduled in the last few weeks to be a mid-January shindig…which lands the bride with one VERY pregnant bridesmaid.

Why am I stressed? Because my doctor is still talking a c-section, and at my last appointment he told me if he did a section, it would be mid February. I’m due the first week of March, so I’m not worried about baby being too early….I’m worried about the fact that he doesn’t want me causing labor on my own, due to the placenta previa. It can put myself in danger, and the baby. So, stress was the one thing he told me to avoid at that point. The weeks leading up to her due-month (because lets face it….she can come any time she wants.) are full of bridal party duties, fitting in a baby shower, and trying not to stress….should be easy, right? Yeah, no. As badly as I want to be there for her two bachelorette parties and all the wedding shenanigans that will take place, I think I’m going to have to bow out for my own sanity at least one of those weekends, to get my own shower out of the way, so I don’t cause extra stress the closer I get to my due date.

I don’t want to disappoint her, I want to be there to celebrate her upcoming wedding, but if my doctor says no stress, I have to at least limit what I do those last few weeks. Am I a horrible person for being this stressed out about someone else’s wedding?

Oh, and my sister is getting married too, in April. She is doing a destination wedding in the mountains, and as her sister I want to be there. But, depending on when baby makes her arrival, I may be back at work. Coming off of an unpaid Maternity Leave with no vacation time, I don’t see traveling on a Friday night after work (8 hours one way) for a wedding on Saturday then leaving early Sunday morning with a newborn as a good idea….am I wrong for that? It’s just a lot I’m stressing over, but maybe I shouldn’t? Mamas out there, am I crazy?






2 thoughts on “14 Weeks to Go!

  1. Gina says:

    It IS a lot to stress about! I have 8 weeks left & started cutting back on all my activities/commitments a few weeks ago because I just get so tired so easily. You & baby come first. Can your shower be moved to before the wedding? You’re going to need your energy to get all the stuff you get organized πŸ™‚


    • Allie McCarty says:

      If every weekend in January wasn’t now taken over by her wedding plans, We’d have it before. It was supposed to be the day OF her wedding, when she had it originally slated for April. When she changed it to January, she chose the date of my baby shower…so like the good cousin I said I’d move it. I’m hoping we can do it either the Saturday of her bachelorette party or the last weekend in January…either way I know I’m going to be exhausted. lol

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