Ready or Not…

***Warning you now, this post will talk about dilated cervix, contractions, and a whole lot of other pregger related stuff. You’ve been warned!***

So, it’s been a crazy few days. I was admitted to the hospital on Friday due to high blood pressure that refused to come down. I called my OB’s office, and the nurse told me since I was over 30 weeks, I needed to go straight to Labor & Delivery.

Cue absolute terror and panic….and a higher Blood Pressure.

I went through the ER, and when they checked it, my BP was 200/110, clearly not good. But I think it was due to the fact that I was scared and really upset and wasn’t sure what was going on. Well, I get up to L&D, and they hook me up to contraction monitors and a heart rate monitor for little miss. The nurse watched the screen and asked me “do you feel that?” I said “umm…do I feel….what?” She laughed and said “well, you’re having contractions!”

At this point my mom was in the room with me, as she had met me at the hospital. I looked at her and said “NO WAY!” because I’m only 35 weeks, and wasn’t expecting to be contracting until well, delivery. The nurse decided to check me, and said well, you’re 2cm dilated as well!

Again, cue absolute shock.

Now, for anyone whose had a baby before, yall know this isn’t a big deal. But everyone I know hasn’t dilated until either right before labor, or had to be induced due to lack of dilation. So, to hear that I was already doing things I needed to do in prep for labor was awesome. But, at the same time…I’m only 35 weeks and already doing things to get ready for labor…and that terrified me.

Once my BP went back down, they sent me home and told me to follow up on Monday. We had our first baby shower Sunday and I spent the majority of the afternoon with my mother in law washing baby clothes and getting everything put away.

Well, I went to my appointment first thing Monday, my BP was slightly elevated, but not enough for concern. They did a urinalysis and determined I had glucose in my sample, which they wanted to have bloodwork drawn to check further. Then, my OB decided to see if I was still at 2cm, just to follow up:

You guys, I was at “a full 3cm almost 4cm” and he could FEEL HER HEAD. He said she was fully engaged and pushing against my cervix..but didn’t seem too worried about it.

I almost kicked himΒ in the face. Instantly I went into a panic because this is how my brain is functioning at this point: holy crap, I could go into labor at any moment! It’s too early! She’ll be too little! We have to get everything ready! I have to pack our bags and get the carseat in the car NOW! How have I not known I was dilating?! I’m not having painful contractions!

I asked as calmly as I could what that meant, he said that it meant she was ready to be born, but until I was having serious contractions I shouldn’t panic (too late there buddy!). I told him about the “tightening” in my upper stomach that was near about constant Sunday, and he told me it sounded like Braxton Hicks but it could be actual contractions, as most of you know the uterus contracts from the top down at first.

So, after that enlightening visit, we went into full on baby watch mode. We got her diaper bag packed and ready, got our overnight bags packed and her carseat installed. My mother in law came over and helped me clean my house from top to bottom, mostly telling me to stop reaching for stuff and to let her do it. We got all of it done and she’s been coming by every day taking care of stuff for us so we wouldn’t have to…just in case I didn’t come home from work. It’s appreciated, but everyone sitting on go isn’t helping my anxiety over the fact that if I have her now, my daughter will be 4 weeks early….

So…I go back tomorrow to get the results of my bloodwork and Strep-B test. They’ll also check me again and see if I’m still progressing, and if my BP is up they might admit me to L&D for good this time. Im still having contractions, but they’re not painful, just uncomfortable. Im having a LOT of pressure, due to her position and my hips feel like they’re going to break off at any moment. But…I could stay like this for weeks, or she could come tonight. This is what I don’t like about pregnancy….I have no way of knowing what’s going on in there. Im literally a walking, talking incubator for the little boss lady. Let’s just hope she decides to hang out a bit longer….I don’t know if mama is ready for her baby to be on this side of the uterus just yet.

Yall just keep my little family in your thoughts the next few days/weeks. Me and hubby are really stressing and trying not to stress is making us stress even more. And should she decide to come early….yall keep our little girl in your thoughts and prayers as well.




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