Two Months…

My baby girl is officially two months old… She is one month away from no longer being classified as a newborn, and being a big ole 3 month old infant. I don’t know how to feel about that, because while I’m happy she’s growing and thriving and developing into a sassy little girl…I’m sad that the newborn phase is slowly slipping behind us. How about a quick update on how she’s doing so far?

Photo Apr 25, 8 18 56 PM

♥ Baby’s Weight: 11lbs

♥ Baby’s Height: 30in long!

♥ What size of clothing does baby wear? 0-3mo still, but starting to fit some 3-6mo!

♥ Any milestones baby reached during the month: She holds her head up on her own, she laughs and smiles when we play with her, and she started sleeping through the night!

♥ Special outings baby had during the month: we went to Jackson, MS and she got to experience her first flea market and trip to the outlet malls and bass pro!

♥ What are your thoughts about the past month? I can’t believe how much she’s changed. She definitely has her own personality, and is such an awesome kid. 

♥ What was baby’s routine? She sleeps the majority of the morning and her most-awake time is in the evenings…which works out since that’s when we are home from work. So she’s great for her sitter, and we get to enjoy her being awake when we get home! Bottle around 7:00, bath at 9:00, bed between 9:30-10:30 and she sleeps until 6:00-7:00am!

♥ Did any big changes occur, such as baby started daycare, stopped nursing, slept through the night, etc… We had to switch from breastfeeding to formula feeding, and I started back to work last week. It was harder for me than it was for her…but so far it’s been ok!

I did start back to work last week, and it was not anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be. Her sitter comes to the house so she’s in her normal environment, and I was pleasantly surprised (while also a tiny bit hurt) that she didn’t fuss when it wasn’t mama who was with her all day. She’s really a great baby…only fusses if you don’t feed her on time or she needs a diaper change.

I think i mentioned it in a previous post about struggling with breastfeeding. I managed it for 6 weeks and all of a sudden my supply just disappeared. I tried for a week to get it back up, but the supplements I was taking made baby girl sick, and the forcing myself to get up every two hours to pump between her four hour feedings was killing me. So…I switched her to formula. While it does occasionally make her constipated, she has started putting on weight and seems more content now than when she was breasfed. And, no more being attached to the pump which makes work and quality time with her and hubby that much easier. I wish we’d have been able to EBF, but with her being in the NICU for a week, we never got that chance to get her to latch instantly and practice from the get go. She was used to bottles, and I just wanted her to eat so pumping after feeding her was exhausting. Everyone talks about the “bonding” when you EBF, and it was great, but at the same time I still bond with her when I bottle feed her, she still stares at me with her big blue eyes and I can share that experience with her daddy as well.

Speaking of daddy….he’s AMAZING with her. I was truly worried that he would not want anything to do with helping but we came home from the hospital and he was changing diapers, feeding AND bathing her! He loves coming home and playing with her. I do the majority of the work, because well…mom here…but he helps whenever/however he can, and I love him even more for it. We did have his first “gagging at the sight of it” diaper the other day, and I couldn’t breathe for laughing so hard. He has changed MANY blowout diapers, but this one got to him on so many levels it was HILARIOUS. All in all, he’s a great daddy, and I was so pleasantly surprised by it that I swear i fell even more in love with him watching him with his daughter.

Photo Time because I made an adorable kid….well, her daddy helped a little.

We go to get her first round of vaccines Friday, and I’m super nervous about it, but I hope she’ll do alright. Keep her (mainly mama) in your thoughts, and hopefully we’ll make it through the weekend! How are you guys and gals doing out there in the Blogosphere?



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