Parenting 101: No One Knows What They’re Doing (Seriously).


Little Misadventures

image from gratisography

I’m not about to say that I’m a professional or anything, but I’ve managed to keep a baby alive for (almost!) twelve weeks now.

I don’t know about you, but that is pretty damn impressive. You know, coming from someone who swore she didn’t want children. Ever.

I joined a few Facebook groups a few weeks after I found out that I was pregnant. We would share stories about our pregnancies, complain about partners, and get advice. It was a safe space for us to talk about the most important thing that was going on in our lives.

Now it is a space for us to bitch about our partners, complain that we still can’t fit into our jeans, and wonder why we’ve got our period for the third time in six weeks. (That last one might be all me.) Postpartum life is glamorous. What can I say? All…

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