About the Blog

Hi there! I have been asked why I started a blog, and why the name The Newish Wife.

Well, for starters, I began a blog many months ago, but I was never satisfied with trying to stay with one category, because I didn’t fit into one single category. I wasn’t a brand new wife, but i wasn’t a “veteran” either, so not a marriage counseling blog. I’m not a chef, but I love to make my own meals, but not a cuisine blog. I work 40+ hours a week, but I enjoy reading home-maker blogs as well, but still not all about one or the other….so what was I to write about?

I sat around for a few days, brainstorming names and trying to pinpoint exactly what I wanted to blog about. I kept saying “I’m kind new of at marriage…I’m new-ish at this…” and it finally clicked: I’m The Newish Wife!

To answer the question as to why I started the blog, I’ve always loved to write. I can express myself easily through writing, because I have so many emotions going at once, that it all comes out in some blabber-form when I try to speak it. But with writing, it’s fluid and legible.

So, to put it simply, I’m writing about me. I’m writing about how it feels to be new to marriage, new to life in general. Being new to being on your own and responsible for a household and my fur-babies and my husband. Being responsible for my own future and whatever lies ahead, and learning to deal with everything thrown at me. Whether it’s huge projects at work, a burnt Christmas dinner, or a leaky faucet and my husband isn’t home to help me fix it: you’ll definitely be reading about all my successes, and my failures.

That is what the Newish Wife is all about: just being me.

So, if you feel like it, pull up a chair, keep on scrolling, and let me know how you survive this daily grind we call life! I’d love to hear about your experiences as well!



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