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I enjoy reading other blogs and marriage websites, and I know everyone would appreciate some extra traffic sent their way, so I decided to link the blogs that I frequently check on here for everyone else to check out as well!

I was nominated for the Liebster Award, and this is the post about it! Check out all of these awesome bloggers listed on the post!

>>>Β Awesome blogger listΒ <<<


One thought on “Links/Suggested Blogs


    Hi there,

    I came across your blog from goodreads and I thought I’d connect with you.
    I myself am a fellow blogger as well. I am hosting a weekly LinkUp where you add links to your blog posts. Since I am fairly new to blogging, I’ve been trying to get this out there.

    Would love for you to participate! And hopefully spread the word. The person with the most votes on their link will be featured in next week’s Tuesdays TOTD Linkyparty πŸ™‚

    Also, every Sunday I take requests from other bloggers for my Weekly Featured Link where I basically post the title of your blog with a link to it to help people gain more readers.

    xoxo |


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