Still waiting….

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It’s A…

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Well, now that everyone in the outside world knows, I can finally share it here!

I’m pregnant! Continue reading

First Day of Summer

It’s officially the first day of summer, even though the temperature has been in the low/mid 90’s for about 3 months now. Continue reading

Why is Pregnancy so Inconvenient…

…for everyone else?

Now just hang on a minute, I know the mama bears reading this are probably ready to rip my head off. Continue reading

The Lost Art of Courting

Check out this awesome entry over on A Thomas Point of View! She was obviously raised the same way I was,Β and I’m a firm believer than courting is what ALL young people should do before marriage.

Source: The Lost Art of Courting -A Thomas Point of View

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Old McCarty has a Farm…

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